Dr. Martens: Then and Now. #firstandforever

Dr Martens boots were first introduced into this country 50 years ago, a half-century that has seen Britain transformed, as musical movements have emerged and declined, and fashions come and gone. Yet DMs have been the footwear of choice for everyone from punks to policemen, skinheads to socialists.

Fast forward to 2013, Dr. Martens has truly proven its longevity.

The punk rock and rebellious stereotypes are long gone and has now evolved to a more modern and urban feel. The modern mix is blending quite well without fully obliterating the Dr Martens culture.

Dr. Martens Spring 2013 featuring Ash Stymest.

Tribes are about bonds. These bonds are not just strengthened by style but by substance. A shared spirit, an attitude, an instinct. For many, their first pair of Dr Martens is both a statement of self expression and a stamp of belonging.

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