Food we should eat but we dont

For centuries, civilisations have enjoyed the myriad health benefits of the kinds of foods we throw out every day. While prawn heads, tripe and the skin from kiwifruit may sound like the diet from hell, these powerhouse ingredients actually contain many hidden nutrients which will boost how you look and feel - they just might take a bit of getting used to!

Here's how to incorporate them into your diet:

+ Kiwi fruit skin fights cancer cells
How to have it: eat raw or blend in homemade chutney.

+ Banana skin to beat depression
How to have it: boil the skin for 10 minutes then drink the liquid once cooled, or put through a juicer.

+ Boiled vegetable water for a vitamin boost
How to have it: once cooled, drink it straight as the nutrients can degrade quickly.

+ Tripe (cow’s stomach lining) a treat for the male reproductive system
How to have it: enjoy in a variety of soup dishes.

+ Celery tops trump free radicals
How to have it: chopped and served with parsley in salsa or served with fish.

+ Healthy all-rounder: Orange peel
How to have it: use organic oranges and grate zest on green beans and asparagus.

+ Prawn heads are rich in antioxidants
How to have them: barbecued, deep-fried, or added to risottos and soups.

+ Broccoli leaves boost vitamin A
How to have them: sauté leaves with garlic and salt.

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