What to do when you had a car accident

Last week,  I had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident - a minor fender-bender. Although it wasn't a big accident (thank God!), it surely was stressful and confusing. I wasn't prepared at all nor have any ideas what to do, or even how to react with the situation - obviously, it was very hard to think clearly.

So I've asked around (days after the accident) , including my insurance provider, on what must we really do when we're in a car accident.

So, ideally, these are your to-do list when your in a car accident:

  • Stop immediately. 

  • Use headlights, indicator lights or hazard lights to warn other drivers, and to light up the scene if it is dark. 

  • If possible send someone to warn oncoming drivers. 

  • Help the injured.
    Dial the emergency hotline to make contact with Police (and/or Ambulance) if anyone is killed or injured, either your vehicle or the other vehicle needs to be towed away or you are unable to provide particulars to the owner. 

  • Exchange details:
  • Name
    Telephone Number
    Registration Number
    Make, model and colour of the Motor Vehicles involved
    License Number
    Insurance Company

  • Photograph and document the accident

  • File a police accident report

  • Know what your insurance covers. Call them!
My car was side swept by a BMW 320d. Assuming the costs of the driver's insurance, I already knew he was going to opt for a private settlement - and he actually almost begged to settle the damage costs privately - and so, regretfully, i agreed.

This was a big mistake!

To cut the story short, i took my car to the nearest pannel beater to ask for a quote and they quoted the repairs for $550. I then told the driver how much he had to pay me for the repairs and, lets just say, he began to be difficult to dealt with.

He didn't want to pay, as per the quote. And I had to keep chasing him like a crazy asian stalker.

I finally had enough. So I called my insurance, told them what had happened, gave them all his details and had them to deal with everything.

Now my car's fixed and good as new.

Call your insurance! You pay them a premium for instances like this. Trust me, it will save you money and specially the headache.

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