Ping-Pong Apartment

A little space, a lot of time and balls of creative inspiration. 

This decorative artsy idea is inside a modest compact condo (less than $100 per square foot) in Brooklyn, New York. It is situated above (and occupied by an employee of) the NYC firm Snarkitecture.

Shelves, ladders and a latticework grid of overhead lights form a series of rectilinear patterns that offset the round ping-pong-ball wall coverings. Floating white shelves, strategic mirrors and other visual elements raw eye across and through the small space to make it feel more open, described by dornob.

The catch? Of course there always is one: ping pong balls are made of flammable material – easy to ignite and hard to put back out. Hopefully these are coated with something relatively fireproof, but even still, they could turn a decor idea into a death trap if not treated carefully.

Source: dornob
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