Backpacks for the corporate kids!

Just like a Jap-orean restaurant, fashion had also been fusing cultures and bending the rules.

The smart-casual look is made for a reason hence, everyone should maximise its purpose. The assumed unspoken rule for the gents at the office is - "if you are allowed not to wear a tie,  you are allowed to wear anything!". However you still have to keep corporate realness and never get it twisted - you have to look smart! The accessories will make up the casual bit of the look just to tone down your corporate vibe. A backpack is a good item to play mix and match to achieve that smart-casual look.

Below are stylish backpacks you can wear to work. It varies from being practical, comfortable and chic if you get your choice right. The key is to keep your fabric choice of high quality. You can go for leather, suede or even canvas. Because you're still aiming for that corporate look, its best to keep solid primary colours - nothing too flamby!

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