Clarks Original Desert Boot

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One of the Best Choices on the Market!!
By OrangeCrush | 10 JAN 2011

Desert Boots and Chukka's have quickly become one of the most popular style of boots over the last couple of years. There are literally hundreds of different options out there if your looking for this style boot and the prices can range from roughly $50 all the way up to $400 dollars. With that being said, Clarks Original Desert Boot is easily one of the best of the bunch especially when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.

I absolutely love this style boot and have over 15 pairs sitting in my closet from companies such as J.Crew, Johnston & Murphy, Frye, Diesel, John Varvatos, Red Wing, Bed:Stu, Original Penguin etc. Out of all the companies I have purchased this style boot from, there are really two that stand out more than the others in regards to getting the most bang for your buck. Those two are Clarks and J.Crew. Both make high quality boots and both keep things simple in regards to the design and that is exactly how I prefer them.

Clarks Original Desert Boot is really the epitome of simple design. No flashy cuts of leather, no funky patina's, just a clean design using classic colors and high quality full grain leather or suede. If you think these are comfortable when you first try them on, wait until you have had a pair for 6 months. These boots become like butter on your feet. In all honesty, that is one of the greatest aspects to this style of boot, they break in and become one of the most comfortable pairs of boots you have ever worn. Out of all the boots I own, its my broken in Chukka's and Desert Boots that are the most comfortable. Some of my Clark Desert Boots are over 4 years old and they are still in amazing shape. In fact, as I stated in regards to comfort, they only getter better with age. If you take proper care of them they will last a very long time.

Bottom line - Again there are now hundreds of choices out there for this style boot but very few can match Clarks Desert Boots especially when you consider the price. These are easily one of the best deals out there in regards to mens footwear. If your late to the Chukka/Desert Boot game then what are you waiting for? Every man should have at least a couple pairs in his closet. Clarks Desert Boot is a perfect place to start. The Taupe Suede & Brown Suede are the 2 that I recommend the most. They go with practically everything.

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